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Step 1: Get a quote

OVERWEIGHT: Is your unit weight over 10 lbs?
OVERSIZE: Are your unit dimensions over 18 inches?
RELABELING: Worldcraft Logistics to Generate the Shipping Label
BOX ADD-IN: Does your product need to be in a box? If Yes, fill our below
If one of the box side(s) exceeds 16 inches - $5/box
If one of the box side(s) exceeds 17 inches - $6/box

Poly Mailers are included into our fee.

You may calculate estimated shipping rates via USPS using the link below.

Restrictions apply:

  • Perishable goods
  • Glass product
  • Dangerous good / hazmat product

Storage Rate Fee

Below is our quote, if you accept our quote please wait for the ship to address and an assigned delivery reference number. Without a reference number, the shipments are considered as unmarked shipments or may be rejected. An additional sorting fee will apply at $0.30/unit.

1. $500 minimum monthly handling fee covers up to 10 FNSKU’s.
$1.35/unit, additional units going to same address $0.55:

We don't calculate $0.55 in this quote since we don't know how many units our customers will order each.

$ 0

2. Additional $10/monthly per FNSKU over 10 units:

$ 0

3.Box Fee:

$ 0
4. Oversized - Since your product is oversized, please wait 24 hours for a final quote from one of our team members.
5. Overweight - Since your product is overweighted, please wait 24 hours for a final quote from one of our team members.

5) ESTIMATED TOTAL without Storage Fee (Other fees can be applied after your shipment has arrived to our warehouse. If you accept the estimated total price, please fill Step 2 at the bottom)


- Estimated Storage Fee For first 30 days: 0
- Estimated Storage Fee 30+ days: 0
- Estimated Storage Fee 90+ days: 0


Terms and Conditions

WorldCraft Logistics will require full payment before we can proceed with the fulfillment services..
1. All product(s) must be barcoded to function with our outbound scanning system.
2. The packing slip you provide us with must have the barcode that is on your product. If the packing list does not have the barcode, we do not guarantee any accuracy.

  • When you are creating your FBM listing, use the barcode/FNSKU that is on your product. Image below for reference:
3. Shipping Labels:
  • Must create a shipping plan for orders and send us the shipping labels.
  • If you need us to create the shipping labels for you via ship station, we charge an additional $0.50/label if we have to generate our own label.
4. Deposit:
Our minimum deposit is $500 and this can increase based on your average daily or monthly outbound shipments.
  • This deposit will be kept in our system during the time you are using our fulfillment services and only be refunded if you decide to stop the services. Your deposit may be applied towards your last invoice or may be refunded.
  • If services are stopped during the middle of the month, you will still be charged for the whole month. Your deposit will be returned to you or you may use it as credit.
5. $500 minimum monthly handling fee:
*** If your handling fee exceeds the $500, you will pay the additional amount ***
  • The minimum handling fee is not the same as the deposit and you will not get it back.
*** Service will pause for payment if it is late after 5 days ***
6. Returns:
  • a. We do not accept returns to handle. Only for disposal.
  • b. If we receive packages back from the carrier, they will be processed weekly every Friday. We also charge an additional fee of $2.00 + $0.55 per unit to add back into stock.
7. Worldcraft Logistics’ Guarantee:
  • We understand error will occur at some point of handling for pick and pack but we are proud to have a “Worldcraft Logistics’ Guarantee”, which is 99% accuracy; however, we are allowed for 1% error when handling your shipment.
8. Carrier
  • a. Worldcraft Logistics will not be held responsible for the delay in transit time caused by the carrier or if the package is lost by the carrier.
  • b. Worldcraft Logistics also has a sheet confirming the product was sent out. After it is scanned out and loaded onto the UPS feeder, we are no longer responsible for the product(s).
9. Storage will begin to incur when the first item arrives into our warehouse. During the time that we are working on relabeling or sorting the shipment, storage will still incur.
- Storage invoices will be charged monthly
  • 3 days of free storage, after 3 days,
  • $0.38/cubic foot per month for the first 30 days
  • $0.52/cubic foot per month after 30+ days
  • $0.68/cubic foot per month after 90+ days (FCL container or trailer will not be billed at this tier but will stay at $0.52/cubic foot per month)
  • $0.62/cubic foot per month (minimum $10 per month)

A pallet is based on 40x48x72 inches which = 80 cf = 2~ CBM

Example, First 30 days $0.38/cubic foot per month, $0.38 X 80 cf = $30.40/pallet per month

10. Storage invoices are to be paid monthly. If storage invoices, along with any open balances, are not paid for three consecutive months, your cargo will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of or liquidated by Worldcraft Logistics LLC.
11. Prepay $500 per month. This can increase based on your average outbound shipments. Pick and Pack fees are to be paid monthly in order to continue the service.
12. Insurance: Worldcraft Logistics, LLC has the appropriate and necessary third-party cargo legal liability coverage in respects of liabilities arising from our customers' cargo whilst in our storage facility.

I have read and I accept the rates, terms, and conditions. If I do not follow these requirements, I understand Worldcraft Logistics will not be held responsible for any mishandling during the process and transit time.

Step 2: Submitting quote for approval