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Flying the World to Your Doorstep:
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Worldcraft Logistics LLC

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Effortless Land Transport Solutions,
specialized in overland freight,
offering secure, on-time delivery

Worldcraft Logistics LLC

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Bring clarity to complexity, extracting key details for
innovative, streamlined solutions.

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We consistently maintain low storage costs, even during inflation and peak seasons.
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Worldcraft Logistics LLC

And we are The Dream Partner
for Amazon sellers

If you're an Amazon seller, you know storage costs can eat into your profits. Amazon charges between $0.84 and $2.40 per cubic foot monthly, but with our service, it's a simple $0.65 per cubic foot monthly, no matter the season.

By storing with us, you can save between 24% to 73% on storage fees. Plus, you can esily ship your products from our warehouse to Amazon whenever needed. It's a cost-effective way to boost your earnings and streamline your operations.

They say we’re good
for a reason