Starting June 1st, 2023 Our warehouse fee will be $0.65/cubic foot per month

In effort to lower the warehouse storage fee during inflation, we have went narrow aisle racking.This construction took us four months but the project is finally completed. With narrow aisle racking, we are able to drop storage by 24%.We as partners will go through this inflation together.

Starting June 1st, 2023 Our warehouse fee will be $0.65/cubic foot per month

In effort to lower the warehouse storage fee during inflation, we have went narrow aisle racking.This construction took us four months but the project is finally completed. With narrow aisle racking, we are able to drop storage by 24%.We as partners will go through this inflation together.




Benefits of Working with 3PL Company

    1. Who Stands to Gain from a Partnership with a 3PL?

    Working together with a third-party logistics provider has many advantages for both shippers and carriers. At its most basic, outsourcing the logistics process frees up a lot of mental space and reduces needless stress. Consider the time, money, and energy your business could save by collaborating with a logistics specialist! This is how:

    1.1 Advantages for shippers

    Savings on costs

    Due to their connections with a large network of carriers, 3PL providers may negotiate more affordable rates and terms on behalf of their shipper clients, which saves money. Shippers choose to save money when they work with a 3PL. There is no need to spend money on staffing, technology, or infrastructure for logistics when working with a 3PL. 

    Access to modern logistics technology

    Many 3PL providers provide transportation management systems (TMS), which assist shippers in streamlining their operations and enhancing supply chain visibility. The list that follows is just a sample of the cutting-edge technology that working with a 3PL will make available to you. Your supply chain will be improved holistically from top to bottom if you have access to the right technology. 


    • The abbreviation for "Warehouse Management Systems" (allows you to efficiently utilize warehouse space, regulate inventory, and receiving/packaging processes). 
    • Real-time supply chain visibility provided by Track &Trace Technologies helps to assure accurate status updates, address any problems, and maintain delivery reliability. Barcode scanning, (RFID) radio frequency identification, and GPS are a few examples of this technology.
    • A standardized format for electronic commercial document and data transfer called.

    Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

    It enables seamless and effective communication between clients, suppliers, and business partners. Among other necessary activities, automated order processing, shipment notifications, and computerized billing become more precise and efficient. 

    Cloud Computing

    These systems enable remote access to data, applications, and systems while storing those items. Cloud computing platforms enable 3PLs to efficiently handle and store data. The technology allows for scalability, improved cooperation, and accessibility, improving client and partner communication.

    Data analytics/business intelligence

    These systems examine enormous volumes of data and provide insightful information utilizing both current and past data. Data-driven choices that are optimal for your company can be made. Your supply chain will be improved by using the data to assess patterns and forecast supply and demand.

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    3PLs frequently use sensors and sophisticated gadgets to be on the cutting edge of business technology. These tools collect real-time data, enabling end-to-end visibility. They may monitor things like temperature, humidity levels, product condition and location, as well as equipment predictive maintenance. 

    You may save money, time, and resources by utilizing the cutting-edge technologies offered to you when working with a 3PL. Automation of processes and better resource management result in more effective and economical logistics solutions. 


    Specialized knowledge and expertise in logistics and transportation management are available from 3PL companies. We have 13 years of expertise in streamlining the distribution, warehousing, and transportation procedures. In order to improve the supply chain and cut costs, our professional staff is available to help and provide guidance on the best shipping options, carriers, and routes.


    3PL suppliers can offer shippers flexible services and support, adjusting as necessary to evolving business requirements. Based on seasonal fluctuations, consumer demand, and company expansion, we can scale operations. Increased numbers can be handled without compromising on processes or resources. Your company will have more time to concentrate on its skills and competencies if you let us manage the scalability processes.


    Delivery incentive schemes from 3PL providers might get you discounts on regular delivery as well as other nice goods. Volume discounts, loyalty programs, referral programs, and many other options are possible.

    1.2 Advantages for carriers

    Commercial Growth

    By working together with a 3PL provider, carriers can increase their customer base and commercial potential. Our clients are diverse, with a range of shipping and logistical requirements. In the end, this bonus will result in more sales and income.

    Streamlined Operations

    By taking care of administrative responsibilities like billing, documentation, and tracking, 3PL providers can assist carriers in streamlining their operations. We manage freight consolidation, route optimization, and load planning.

    Reduced Risk

    To protect carriers and goods during transportation, 3PL providers can offer insurance coverage and put in place safety and security measures. Worldcraft Logistics has solutions for handling disruptions and crises and has experience lowering risk. We are here to assist with the creation of risk management plans and the slew of regulatory compliance and requirement requirements.

    Improved Visibility

    3PL companies may give carriers improved insight into their freight network, enabling them to better manage their resources and streamline their processes. Technology integration, improved carrier-to-client communication, tracking/tracing, and data management all result in improved visibility.

    Overall, working with a 3PL provider can assist streamline logistics operations, cut costs, and increase efficiency, which can be advantageous for both shippers and carriers. You can make significant time and energy savings by outsourcing the logistics process.

    2. Partnering with a 3PL like WorldCraft Logistics Has These 6 Advantages

    Your company may gain from collaborating with a third-party logistics (3PL) supplier like Worldcraft Logistics. Here are a few of the main advantages:

    2.1 Expertise

    Logistics and transportation management are areas in which 3PL companies specialize. To streamline your supply chain and cut expenses, they can direct and advise you on the best shipping options, carriers, and routes. In order to keep you informed and your business on the cutting edge, we also keep you up to date on market trends and service offers.

    2.2 Access to carrier networks

    3PL providers can negotiate advantageous rates and terms on your behalf because they have ties with a large network of carriers. By allowing you to avoid conducting independent carrier research and dealing with carriers, this can help you save time and money. Having a partnership with a 3PL is totally worthwhile.

    2.3 Scalability

    As your firm expands, your requirement for logistics may change. By offering adaptable services and support, a 3PL supplier can help you scale your operations and adjust to shifting business needs.

    2.4 Technology

    To assist you in streamlining your operations and increasing visibility into your supply chain, several 3PL providers offer cutting-edge logistics technology, such as transportation management systems (TMS). You may now access all of your freight bills in one location.

    2.5 Risk management

    3PL companies may assist you in managing risk by offering insurance coverage and putting in place security and safety measures to safeguard your goods while in transit.

    2.6 Savings

    By working with a 3PL provider, you may take advantage of their economies of scale and cut costs on logistics-related expenses like shipping and warehousing. By collaborating with a 3PL provider like WorldCraft Logistics, you can streamline your logistics processes, cut expenses, and boost productivity, freeing up time for your main business operations.

    3. Advantages of Using WorldCraft Logistics Over Rivals

    The business of freight shipping is complicated. Here are some advantages of working with a 3PL to simplify shipment. The advantages of WorldCraft Logistics over rivals include the following:

    • Large number of carriers: Customers have access to a wide choice of transportation alternatives because to WorldCraft Logistics ties with a large network of carriers, including local, regional, and national carriers, LTL and FTL carriers, and specialist carriers. We may arrange for your cargo to be delivered by the most qualified carrier available. 

    • Advanced logistics technology is available from WCL, featuring an intuitive web platform that enables users to obtain immediate quotations, schedule shipments, track freight, and manage their logistics operations from a single location.

    • Competitive pricing is made possible by the favorable terms and rates that WorldCraft Logistics negotiates with carriers on behalf of its clients, saving them money.

    • Knowledge: WorldCraft Logistics possesses professional knowledge and expertise in logistics and transportation management and can offer direction and advise on the best shipping techniques, carriers, and routes to optimize the supply chain and cut costs.

    • Customer support: WorldCraft Logistics provides excellent customer support, with a staff of knowledgeable logistics experts on hand to help customers with their shipping requirements, respond to inquiries, and offer assistance throughout the shipment process. Your shipment will be transported as quickly and safely as we can.

    • Adaptable services WorldCraft Logistics provides adaptable services and support, adjusting to shifting company needs and offering tailored solutions to satisfy each client's particular requirements.

    Overall, WorldCraft Logistics distinguishes itself from its rivals by providing a variety of transportation alternatives, cutting-edge technology, affordable pricing, knowledge, excellent customer service, and flexible services.

    4. Engage a 3PL like WorldCraft Logistics as a partner

    What can a shipper do to guarantee a positive outcome? By working with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) like WorldCraft Logistics, you can learn everything there is to know about how carriers handle your freight shipping, including how they calculate the cost. Utilize our vast network of carriers to choose the finest carrier at the best rates, and our effective TMS will streamline the process for you.

    Don't let freight weight cause you confusion or prevent you from shipping your cargo. Call us at (909) 632-1643 to have our freight transportation specialists assist you. Use our free online quote tool as well!

    5. A decision for WorldCraft Logistics

    You choose to streamline your shipping procedure when you choose to deal with us. The advantages of collaborating with our Third Party Logistics company for your shipping experience include the following, to name just a few:

    • You choose success when you work with WorldCraft Logistics, a leading 3PL (Third Party Logistics) business with over 13 years of experience in the logistics sector. Our staff has handled just about every type of shipment imaginable over the years. No shipping procedure is too difficult for us to assist you with!
    • The skilled crew at WorldCraft Logistics is always eager to learn new things and advance along with technological developments. Throughout the entire procedure, we are prepared to address any queries you may have!
    • You don't have to worry about trying to reach your carrier by phone because we serve as a middleman between you and them. Any essential changes or information will be delivered between you and your carrier via your agent in direct communication with you. 
    • For you, we negotiate the best rate and transit provider. There is no need to waste hours trying to figure out the logistics or looking for a good deal. 
    • By directing you to the top suppliers, we make it simple for you to secure your shipments. No matter if you require whole or partial protection, we have you covered!
    • We plan the pickups and deliveries and make sure to keep tabs on every package as it travels. This guarantees that you are always aware of the location of your packages! 

    What are you still holding out for? To create your account and go over your shipment, call WorldCraft Logistics. We are prepared to respond to your inquiries and offer remedies! Our team is eager to work with you as a team.

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