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Long Beach, CA port

Delivery Address
    Container Return

    Long Beach, CA port



    Full Container

    Quote Date

    Miles driver needs to drive round trip (take container to customer and return)

    Current fuel price per gallon (-+$0.20/gallon)


    • Billing party take responsibility for overweight citation
    • Chassis fee $45 per day 20' and 40' regular chassis and $75 triaxle per day
    • 20’ or 40' Live unload/load with 1 hour of free time and $95.00/hour after
    • Container stop by exam site, extra stop $250 (before 5pm), $350 (after 5pm) will be applied
    • Pre-pull to trucker yard $150/container apply when container is pulled out after 5 PM or customer asked for delivery appointment
    • $150/container apply for additional stop
    • Terminal waiting time with 2 hours of free time and $95.00/hour after
    • PierPass $35/20' and $70/40',40'HC and 45'
    • Clean Truck Fee $20/20' and $40/40'
    • Max weight for 20' is 35,000 lbs, Max weight for 40' is 44,000 lbs.
    • Additional drop and pick fee may applied on areas
    • Dryrun is 50% of drayage cost
    • Rate doesn't apply to hazmat cargo

    ASK FOR DISCOUNT WHEN IT IS ROUTINE SHIPMENT 3+ containers to same location per week