Starting June 1st, 2023 Our warehouse fee will be $0.65/cubic foot per month

In effort to lower the warehouse storage fee during inflation, we have went narrow aisle racking.This construction took us four months but the project is finally completed. With narrow aisle racking, we are able to drop storage by 24%.We as partners will go through this inflation together.

Starting June 1st, 2023 Our warehouse fee will be $0.65/cubic foot per month

In effort to lower the warehouse storage fee during inflation, we have went narrow aisle racking.This construction took us four months but the project is finally completed. With narrow aisle racking, we are able to drop storage by 24%.We as partners will go through this inflation together.




Professional logistics service in the US for all businesses - Worldcraft Logistics

    In an era where time is as valuable as the goods we exchange, logistics services stand as the unsung heroes, orchestrating the symphony of global trade with precision and agility. Logistics ensuring that the right items reach the right hands, at the right time, and in perfect condition. Join with Worldcraft Logistics company delve into the fascinating world of logistics services. Discover how our tailored solutions bridge distances, connect markets, and fuel economies, cost...

    logistics service in the US

    1. What Are Logistics Services?

    To answer the general question "What Are Logistics Services?", we will analyze and clarify each part for you to visualize more easily.

    1.1 Unpacking the definition of logistics services 

    Logistics services encompass every aspect of the supply chain, extending from the factory to the final consumer. These services cover the transportation of goods from the manufacturer to the warehouse, the warehousing and fulfillment of orders, and the delivery to the ultimate customer.

    Unpacking the definition  of logistics services

    The components of logistics services include:

     ☑️ Transporting goods from the factory to the fulfillment warehouse.

     ☑️Warehousing and executing order fulfillment.

     ☑️Shipping outbound orders and delivering them to customers.

    This description offers a simplified view of logistics services. Delving deeper, each stage of the supply chain presents a variety of options, choices, and dynamics. Depending on the specific needs of your eCommerce business, you can select from different types of logistics services to optimize your operations.

    1.2 Types of logistics services

    Types of logistics services

    Absolutely, let's dive into the heart of this article. We're going to explore and discuss in detail the eight vital types of logistics services that are instrumental in streamlining and enhancing supply chain operations. These include:

    • Freight forwarding: This service specializes in arranging the transport of goods on behalf of shippers, utilizing a network of carriers to ensure efficient and cost-effective movement of products.

    • Inventory management: Optimizing the storage, ordering, and use of inventory to ensure adequate supply without excess.

    • Warehouse services: Offering storage solutions along with additional services like packing, picking, and shipping, tailored to different business needs.

    • Third-party logistics: These services involve outsourcing various aspects of logistics operations to a third-party provider, who manages everything from warehousing to distribution.

    • Port services: Essential in international trade, these services cover the management of cargo at seaports, including loading, unloading, storage, and customs clearance.

    • Courier shipping: Specializing in the quick and reliable delivery of packages and documents, courier shipping services are key for time-sensitive and high-priority shipments.

    • Logistics software services: Transportation Management System (TMS) services provide software solutions that optimize the planning, execution, and optimization of the physical movement of goods.

    • Stevedoring and Cargo Handling: Specializing in loading and unloading cargo from ships, including handling of all types of cargo.

    • In-house logistics: This refers to managing the logistics processes internally within a company, overseeing aspects such as transportation, warehousing, and distribution in-house.

    Each of these services plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth and efficient movement of goods, from the point of origin to the final destination, catering to the diverse needs of different industries and businesses.

    2. Worldcraft Logistics is a reputable Logistics Service Provider (LSP) in the US

    First, you must find out "What is Logistics Service Provider?" Logistics Service Providers (LSPs), or third-party logistics (3PL) providers, specialize in managing the transport and storage of goods, from raw materials to finished products. This is particularly vital for growing e-commerce businesses facing customer demands for quick deliveries. LSPs offer scalable warehouse solutions across various locations, which is more cost-effective than maintaining multiple warehouses. Their services range from simple shipping to complete supply chain management. Businesses must understand their logistics needs to effectively leverage LSPs, balancing the benefits with the costs involved.

    Worldcraft Logistics is a reputable Logistics Service Provider in USA

    Worldcraft Logistics is recognized as a reputable Logistics Service Provider (LSP) in the United States. Us specialize in offering comprehensive logistics solutions, including transportation, warehousing, and supply chain management, tailored to meet the diverse needs of various businesses. Their expertise in efficiently handling logistics operations makes them a trusted partner for companies looking to optimize their supply chain and distribution strategies.

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    2.1 Benefits of Logistics Service Providers

    Benefits of Logistics Service Providers

    Logistics service provider offer a spectrum of services, crucial for businesses scaling from basic delivery needs to comprehensive supply chain management. The benefits of partnering with LSPs include:

    • Advanced Technology and Processes: LSPs employ sophisticated shipping processes and technologies, like transportation management systems and IoT devices, providing real-time data and operational insights. This allows businesses to improve customer experiences without building complex infrastructure themselves.

    • Versatile Shipping Options: With access to various transportation modes, including planes, ships, and trucks, LSPs offer flexible shipping solutions to optimize cost and efficiency, meeting diverse business needs:

    • Streamlined Returns: LSPs simplify the returns process through convenient mail or drop-off options, saving time and reducing costs associated with centralized returns. This efficiency allows businesses to concentrate more on sales and customer service.

    • Scalability: As a business grows, LSPs can seamlessly scale operations to handle increased demand, eliminating the need for rapid internal expansion and related costs.

    • Expert Guidance: LSPs provide more than logistics management; they offer expert advice and insights from their vast network, particularly valuable for businesses exploring new markets or dealing with market fluctuations.

    Overall, LSPs offer significant benefits in technology, shipping flexibility, returns management, scalability, and expert insights, making them a vital asset for businesses aiming to optimize their logistics operations.

    2.2 Logistics service prices

    Logistics service prices

    In the complex world of logistics, understanding the pricing dynamics of services is not only a necessity but an art. The cost of logistics services can vary depending on the route the shipment may take globally.

    Imagine a tapestry woven of various factors such as fuel costs, transportation methods, market demand, and technological advances. Understanding these cost factors is important, finding the lowest price but also understanding the value behind every dollar spent.

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    3. The Seven Pillars of Logistics Excellence (7R of Logistics)

    The Seven Pillars of Logistics Excellence

    To ensure the success of your logistics process, it's crucial to perfect every aspect, from product design to the ultimate delivery destination.

    We'll be diving into the 7R's of logistics (seven fundamental), guiding principles that ensure your product reaches the right customer, in the right condition, at the right time, and in the right place.

     ✔️ Right Product: Tailor your logistics services and solutions to simplify delivery operations, benefiting both your business and your customers.

     ✔️ Right Customer: Conduct thorough research to understand your customer base and implement the most effective logistics strategy for delivering shipments to them.

     ✔️ Right Price: Establish a pricing strategy for your delivery services that balances profitability with operational sustainability.

     ✔️ Right Quantity: Determine and manage the ideal amount of product, known as your Economic Order Quantity (EOQ), to meet demand, save costs, and enhance efficiency.

     ✔️ Right Condition: Ensure the safe transportation of your products, maintaining their quality until they are in the hands of your customers.

     ✔️ Right Time: Achieve timely deliveries to maintain customer satisfaction and the ongoing success of your business.

     ✔️ Right Place: Employ a robust delivery system, complete with location tracking, to guarantee that your products are delivered accurately to their intended destination.

    Understanding and mastering these seven R's will help optimize your logistics process, leading to a smoother operation and improved customer satisfaction.

    4. Real-World Examples of Logistics Services

    Here are three straightforward examples illustrating how different types of businesses utilize logistics services:

    4.1 Smaller Couriers

     Smaller Couriers

    Local delivery companies and smaller courier services frequently collaborate with third-party logistics (3PL) providers to enhance their delivery capabilities. This partnership allows them access to a broader network of carriers, cutting-edge tracking technologies, and other logistics tools, all of which contribute to quicker, more efficient deliveries.

    4.2 Local Shops

    Local Shops

    Small, local stores that offer delivery services often partner with port services or stevedoring and cargo handling companies for managing large shipments of incoming products. These logistics companies ensure that the shops' goods are safely handled, moved efficiently, and delivered accurately and promptly to their destination.

    4.3 ECommerce Newbies

    ECommerce Newbies

    Many emerging online businesses blend in-house logistics with 3PL services to streamline their supply chain, shipping, and delivery processes. This approach might include collaborating with a freight forwarding company for handling imports and exports, engaging a warehouse service for inventory storage and organization, or utilizing TMS logistics software services to refine their transportation strategies.

    These examples highlight the versatility and necessity of logistics services across various business models, demonstrating how they can be tailored to meet specific needs and enhance operational efficiency.

    5. Comprehensive FAQs on Logistics Services

    5.1 What is Logistics Company?

    A logistics company provides comprehensive logistics services, surpassing the scope of 3PL. These services include transporting products from manufacturers to fulfillment warehouses, offering warehousing and order fulfillment, and managing outbound shipping and direct deliveries to customers.