Starting June 1st, 2023 Our warehouse fee will be $0.65/cubic foot per month

In effort to lower the warehouse storage fee during inflation, we have went narrow aisle racking.This construction took us four months but the project is finally completed. With narrow aisle racking, we are able to drop storage by 24%.We as partners will go through this inflation together.

Starting June 1st, 2023 Our warehouse fee will be $0.65/cubic foot per month

In effort to lower the warehouse storage fee during inflation, we have went narrow aisle racking.This construction took us four months but the project is finally completed. With narrow aisle racking, we are able to drop storage by 24%.We as partners will go through this inflation together.




Shipping documents: Essential and commonplace documents in import and export

    Documents for Imports & Exports: Navigating Shipping Protocols

    Navigating the intricate landscape of shipping stands as a pivotal yet intricate facet in the realm of online business operations. Balancing the considerations of costs and logistics in dispatching orders to customers is a complex task, compounded by the crucial requirement of ensuring the proper documentation accompanies each shipment. Neglecting this aspect may lead to significant delays or the unwelcome notification of a "Package Stuck in Customs" for cross-border consignments.

    Documents for Imports & Exports: Navigating Shipping Protocols

    Mitigating potential shipping complications hinges on ensuring that all packages are equipped with the requisite documents. The question arises: What documents are indispensable for this purpose? This guide delves into precisely that inquiry.

    Continue reading to gain comprehensive insights into the fundamental shipping documents crucial for both domestic and international shipments, including those classified as hazardous.

    What are shipping documents?

    Shipping documents, as the moniker implies, comprise the essential paperwork vital for the seamless transportation of goods from one location to another. Comprising relevant records, forms, and certificates, they furnish comprehensive details about the shipped item. This encompasses particulars such as the item's description and specifications, quantity, price, ship date, delivery address, and chosen shipping method.

    What are shipping documents?

    The specific documents required can vary, contingent on factors such as the shipping method, delivery destination, and nature of the goods. However, fundamental documents for most packages encompass waybills, commercial invoices, packing lists, and certificates of origin.

    Given that these documents furnish crucial information about the shipped goods, they play a pivotal role in ensuring timely and accurate deliveries. They assist courier services in determining the optimal route and executing efficient delivery procedures.

    Moreover, these documents assume added importance in international shipments, ensuring adherence to the import regulations of the countries through which the package transits. Inclusion of all requisite documents with accurate information serves to expedite the customs clearance process, facilitating swift international deliveries.

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    Crucial International Shipping Documents Unveiled

    Navigating the complex landscape of international shipping demands an acute awareness of diverse laws and regulations across countries. Consequently, the requisite documentation for both import and export activities exhibits considerable variation. In the majority of instances, the following set of documents proves indispensable for seamless international shipping.

    1. Proforma invoice

    Proforma invoice

    A proforma invoice, serving as an estimated invoice or preliminary bill, is dispatched to international prospects before an actual purchase. It functions akin to a pre-purchase quote, aiding recipients in organizing essential finances and documentation, including import licenses.

    Critical details within a proforma invoice encompass:

    • Buyer and seller information
    • Elaborate item descriptions
    • Item values
    • Harmonized System (HS) codes for items
    • Payment and invoice payment terms
    • Delivery particulars
    • Designated currency
    • Date and expiration date

    2. Commercial invoice

    Commercial invoice

    The commercial invoice, typically created through an invoice generator, serves as the substantiation of a transaction's sale and is a requisite document for all international shipments. While it bears resemblance to the proforma invoice, it may incorporate additional particulars like the order number and PO number.

    These commercial invoices closely resemble standard invoices but necessitate the inclusion of extra information crucial for customs clearance. Key details encompass comprehensive information about the buyer and seller, particulars about the freight forwarder, banking and payment information, shipping line details, item description, quantity, country of origin, HS code, item value, total weight, and shipment terms.

    3. Export packing list

    Export packing list

    A crucial component in international shipments, the export packing list provides a detailed inventory of all goods within a shipment, accompanied by pertinent information for each item. This document serves as the foundation for issuing other critical paperwork, such as a bill of lading and a letter of credit. It plays a vital role in customs clearance and can prove instrumental in resolving disputes between the shipper and the carrier.

    Key details encompassed in the export packing list include the order date, shipping address, and contact information. The list itemizes the shipped items and those that were out-of-stock, specifying the quantity of each item. Essential identifiers, such as SKU or UPC numbers, PO number or slip number, dimensions, weight, packaging type, and safety measures, contribute to the comprehensive nature of this document.

    4. Certificates of origin

    Certificates of origin

    International shipments typically necessitate a certificate of origin to disclose the origin of the items. Compliance with the importing country's rules is crucial, and these certificates need validation from the export country’s consulate office or the chamber of commerce.

    Essential details on certificates of origin comprise the shipper's name and address, buyer's name and address, exporting carrier, country of manufacture, number of packages, date of export, item description, quantity/unit of measure, weight, and a signature from authorized personnel.

    5. Certificate of free sale

    Certificate of free sale

    Also known as a certificate of export, this crucial document acts as proof that the merchandise being transported is lawfully sold or distributed in the open market and faces no restrictions in its country of origin. A certificate of free sale signifies that the product has gained approval from pertinent regulatory bodies and is fit for export. Such documentation is particularly essential for various product categories including cosmetics, foodstuffs, medical equipment, and biologics.

    6. Shipper’s letter of instruction

    Shipperโ€™s letter of instruction

    This comprehensive document encompasses precise directives for the efficient transportation of international shipments. Typically disseminated to freight forwarders, it comprises essential information such as:

    • Shipper/exporter's name and contact details
    • Freight forwarder's name and contact details
    • Comprehensive details about the shipped items
    • Weight and dimensions of each item
    • Specifics regarding the type of packaging employed
    • Any special handling requirements
    • Exporting restrictions, if applicable
    • Classification of freight
    • Pertinent insurance information
    • A comprehensive list of documents included in the shipment
    • Special instructions directed towards the carrier or freight forwarder

    7. Inland bill of lading

    Inland bill of lading

    The inland bill of lading functions as a formal agreement for the transportation of goods, directed towards the shipping carrier instead of the buyer. This legal document outlines the specifics of the goods' transport, serving as proof of pickup. Comprehensive information, including item description, value, origin country, destination, and transportation terms, may be incorporated in the inland bill of lading.

    8. Ocean bill of lading

    Ocean bill of lading

    Dubbed as the essential paperwork for goods transported over global waters, this document functions as a pivotal agreement between the seller or exporter and the shipping carrier. Its primary purpose is to guarantee the successful delivery of the product to the buyer while ensuring compensation for the seller. Among the critical information encompassed within the ocean bill of lading are particulars like item description, quantity, commercial value of the shipment, destination, routing instructions, and the specified type of packaging.

    9. Air waybill

    Air waybill

    In the realm of air cargo transportation, a crucial document known as the air waybill serves as the contractual foundation between the seller and the carrier. This non-negotiable agreement stands as an official acknowledgment of goods received by the airline carrier upon their arrival at the designated airport.

    Key elements encompassed in an air waybill consist of essential details such as the shipper's name, address, and account number, alongside corresponding information for the consignee. Additionally, the document includes crucial particulars like the air waybill number, departure and destination airports, flight date, declared value of the shipment, itemized details of the goods, and a comprehensive breakdown of charges owed to the agent or carrier.

    10. Letter of credit