Starting June 1st, 2023 Our warehouse fee will be $0.65/cubic foot per month

In effort to lower the warehouse storage fee during inflation, we have went narrow aisle racking.This construction took us four months but the project is finally completed. With narrow aisle racking, we are able to drop storage by 24%.We as partners will go through this inflation together.

Starting June 1st, 2023 Our warehouse fee will be $0.65/cubic foot per month

In effort to lower the warehouse storage fee during inflation, we have went narrow aisle racking.This construction took us four months but the project is finally completed. With narrow aisle racking, we are able to drop storage by 24%.We as partners will go through this inflation together.




Shipping from China to USA

    In today's fast-paced global marketplace, the need for reliable and efficient services of shipping from China to the USA has never been greater. Bridging two of the world's largest economies, this vital trade route demands a logistics partner that not only understands the intricacies of international shipping but also ensures a seamless, hassle-free experience. Whether you're an established business looking to expand your horizons or a burgeoning startup making your first foray into international commerce, the journey of transforming your logistics from a challenge into a competitive advantage begins here. 
    In this discussion, we explore the unparalleled services that make shipping from China to the USA not just a necessity, but an opportunity to elevate your business in the global arena.

    The best forms of transporting goods from China to the US

    The best forms of transporting goods from China to the US

    Although it's a good question, there isn't a single "best way" to ship from China to the U.S. 

    You should carefully take the following factors into account while organizing a shipment:

    • Product and Load: What is being shipped, how big is it, and how much does it weigh?

    • What countries am I shipping to, and which routes are there? 

    • Time Requirements: Can you wait a few weeks? Do you need your things right away?

    Your responses to these questions will determine whether you should use one or more of the following delivery techniques, including

    The ideal route to ship from China to the US will always be through a China freight forwarder, regardless of the method you finally decide on. There are various reasons for this. 

    First and foremost, a Chinese freight forwarder like Guided Imports will have prices that are significantly less expensive than what a US or foreign freight forwarder can generally give. And the reason for this is that, rather than the American market, our rates were negotiated for the Chinese market. 

    Likewise, the top freight forwarders have better rates than if you tried to work with a carrier directly to handle your single shipment because of the large volume of shipments they book with their particular carriers. The savings are subsequently transferred to you.

    At least, that's what Guided Imports does, which is why we've quickly established ourselves as one of the top freight forwarders for shipping from China for high-growth e-commerce firms, Amazon FBA, and retail.

    1. Ocean Freight from China to the US

    Ocean Freight from China to the US

    China sea freight is the shipment of goods by container ship from China to the US. 

    The customer has some latitude to tailor their cargo to suit their particular needs if they choose to ship to the US using this technique. The size of the container load and whether your shipment is a "Less Than Container Load" (or LCL) or "Full Container Load" (or FCL) are the main factors to take into account. 

    1.1 Ocean Freight FCL

    Ocean Freight FCL

    A "full container load" shipment is one that uses the entire container and does not share its cargo with other shippers.  

    • FCL specifies that the container space is not shared between various buyer's shipments rather than requiring that a container be fully loaded. 
    • FCL can be considered when a cargo load has a volume of at least 15 cubic meters, and the cost can be contrasted with the cost of an LCL shipment. 

    There is more flexibility in how the goods are put into the container with FCL shipments because each shipment only contains the cargo of one consignee. 

    The container will typically be trucked to the supplier's warehouse and the goods will be loaded there when purchasers acquire things from Chinese suppliers. 

    If a buyer wants to combine numerous products, they can either have everything transported to one location, where they can load the goods into the container, or they can ask one supplier to collect everything and load the container at their location. 

    FCL can also be sent to a buyer's warehouse upon arrival in the United States, or it can be delivered to a warehouse before being deconsolidated.  

    The greatest option when using FCL is to engage with a freight forwarder who has knowledge of shipping goods from Chinese manufacturing to the USA.

    The following advantages can be obtained through specialized forwarding businesses like Guided Imports: 

    • Carry over high volume rates

    • Set up the freight pickup and speak with your provider directly.

    • Identify any potential documentation gaps or legal requirements that must be met in order to import and export the shipment.

    • Adapt the shipping procedure to the requirements of each consignment. Additional services include warehousing, consolidation, deconsolidation, repackaging, and relabeling.

    • Controlling the customs brokerage procedure

    • Regardless of whether it is a warehouse, Amazon fulfillment center, company location, or even a home address, deliver the cargo anywhere in the United States. 

    1.2 Ocean Freight LCL

    Ocean Freight LCL

    The choice to share container space with other shippers is frequently made by purchasers when the amount of merchandise being sent by sea cannot fill a full container. LCL, or less than container load, is the abbreviation for this kind of shipment. 

    LCL is often a reasonable choice for delivering loads larger than one cubic meter but smaller than fifteen cubic meters. 

    If a buyer chooses to send cargo via LCL, a freight forwarder will often help them by gathering their merchandise and delivering it to a nearby warehouse. The shipment is combined at the warehouse with the shipment from the other purchasers so that it can fit into the same container. 

    All cargo is loaded into the container after it has reached the warehouse. The logistics firm is then in charge of driving the shipment to the port and starting the freighting procedure. 

    LCL provides the advantage of enabling smaller shipments to benefit from the affordable alternatives of sea freight, which would otherwise prevent them from being carried by sea. The drawback is that LCL will always be more expensive per cubic meter than FCL. 

    2. Air Freight from China to the US

     Air Freight from China to the US

    A quick and dependable method of transporting cargo from China to the US is via China air freight. When you need your items in 20 days or less and your shipping volume is between 150 and 500 kg, this option is appropriate.

    It's crucial to keep in mind that unless your air freight price is "door to door," there will be extra work and charges, such as

    • Arranging for your items to be loaded and transported from your supplier to your desired airport in China

    • Preparing all paperwork required to pass through Chinese and US customs

    • Upon the receipt of your products in the United States, the payment of all applicable customs, taxes, and warehousing fees.

    • Additionally, the transportation of your products from the US airport of arrival to their final location and their offloading.

    How long does it take to ship from China to the USA?

    Depending on the chosen mode of transportation and the final location of the products inside the United States, shipping to the United States from China often takes anywhere between 1 and 45 days. It can take 1 to 5 days for air express, 2 to 15 days for air freight, and 15 to 35+ days for sea freight.

    How long does it take to ship from China to the USA?

    These figures are estimates, and the actual transit times will depend on a variety of elements, such as the goods you're shipping and their load, the location in the United States to which you're shipping, the time of year, the level of demand, and particularly Chinese holidays, which can affect shipping depending on the season. Don't worry, we'll go into more information about transit timeframes in the sections that pertain to each shipping option.

    1. Express Shipping Options

    According on the courier, the chosen shipping speed, and even the kinds of products you are delivering, express shipping from China to the US often takes 1 to 5 days.

    2. Air Freight

    Air freight takes between 2 and 15 days to go from China to the United States, which is a little longer than Express Shipping.

    3. Sea Freight

    The length of time it takes for sea freight to go from China to the US varies based on the ports and shipping routes involved. Transit times range from 15 to 25 days on average, but they may be longer if the ship is headed for the East Coast. The most common ports in China and the US are mentioned below along with their normal journey periods.


    Shipping from Shanghai (CNSHA Port)

    Shipping from Ningbo (CNNGB Port)

    Shipping from Shenzhen (CNSZX Port)

    Shipping to Long Beach & Los Angeles

    15-25 days

    15-25 days

    15-25 days

    Shipping to Seattle

    20-25 days

    20-25 days

    20-25 days

    Shipping to Houston

    30-40 days

    30-40 days

    30-40 days

    Shipping to Chicago

    35-45 days

    35-45 days

    35-45 days

    Shipping to Newark (New York + New Jersey)

    30-40 days

    30-40 days

    30-40 days

    Shipping to Savannah

    30-40 days

    30-40 days

    30-40 days

    Importers have a lot more options when shipping from China to the US because there are more than 100 ports of entry in the country. Request a shipping quote from China and we'll be pleased to help you better explore your alternatives in order to determine the most cost-effective path.

    Freight Forwarder and Shipping from China to USA - Worldcraft Logistics

    Freight Forwarder and Shipping from China to USA - Worldcraft Logistics

    Worldcraft Logistics LLC is a versatile logistics provider, expertly handling import-export operations, particularly in sourcing products from China for delivery to the U.S. They cater to a wide range of clients, from large corporations to small businesses, startups, and even individual entrepreneurs. Their service is designed to streamline the entire shipping process from China to the U.S., offering a hands-off experience for clients.

    The company's comprehensive service portfolio includes product procurement, stringent quality control, effective supplier management, proficient freight forwarding, seamless customs clearance, and dependable last-mile delivery. With an extensive network of offices and warehouses across Asia and North America, Worldcraft Logistics efficiently manages all aspects of shipping, ensuring exceptional customer service at every stage.

    Understanding the diverse needs of different businesses, Worldcraft Logistics offers flexible pricing models to accommodate various budgetary requirements. Their services extend beyond mere transportation of goods, encompassing customized solutions such as procurement, quality and compliance services, customs clearance, both full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) shipping options, air cargo, trucking services, express freight, and thorough freight management.

    For clients concerned about shipping costs, Worldcraft Logistics provides an easy-to-use form for inquiries. They are committed to responding swiftly, with the promise of delivering a free shipping quote within a day, coupled with answers to any pertinent questions to facilitate a cost-effective and smooth shipping process. Their array of services includes:

    • Procurement Services
    • Quality Control Services
    • Product Compliance Services
    • Customs Clearance
    • FCL & LCL Shipping Services
    • Air Cargo Services
    • Trucking Services
    • Express Freight
    • Freight Management...

    Contact Information:

    Location: Room 1610, No.1, Dadongyu International Center, No. 101 Dongyuan South Road, East District, Zhongshan, Guangdong province, China 528400

    Phone: 0760-88556691, Mobile: 86-13428725031

    Email: pre-alertZHO@worldcraftlogistics.com

    Website: https://worldcraftlogistics.com/

    With Worldcraft Logistics, clients are assured of a streamlined, efficient, and tailored shipping experience, backed by a team committed to excellence in logistics management. Not only transporting goods from China, Worldcraft Logistics company has international transport services, you can learn details through the following articles:

    How to Ship from China to the US

    How to Ship from China to the US

    #Step 1: Consult a freight forwarder for a shipping quote founded in China 

    For the Chinese market, businesses like Guided Imports have high-volume prices negotiated that are not available to US or international freight forwarders. You benefit from these savings and our team's logistical know-how since we transfer the savings directly forward to you.

    #Step 2: Obtain Freight Insurance 

    Accidents do happen, and freight insurance is a simple and affordable method to safeguard your investment.

    #Step 3: Speak with a customs broker

    To properly transport from China to the United States, a customs broker can assist you in setting up all required paperwork and payments. Here at Guided Imports, we can assist you.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    How much tax will I pay for importing goods from China to the USA?

    The majority of the import tax that an importer must pay to US customs are import duties, often known as customs duties. Basically, when items enter the USA, they must pay import taxes if they are worth $800 or more.

    A particular rate of duty, such as 19.8 cents per liter, or a rate based on the projected value of the products, such as 3.2% of $5000 (the value of the items), are both possible. Both the product's HS codes and its country of origin must be taken into consideration.

    Do customs open every package?

    No, customs officials won't open your item or parcels unless they have a valid basis to do so. To ensure that the things you are delivering match your customs forms, every box is run through a scanner or an x-ray machine. However, if a package is damaged, has errors (also known as is not consistent with your declaration form), or if you are a part of a random check, they will immediately open it.

    How do I avoid custom charges?

    You become an importer when you make purchases and have items shipped to you from another nation. You might be required to pay an import duty, which is a sort of tax paid by the federal government on specific imported commodities, depending on what you purchased. Unfortunately, there is no method to avoid paying import duties legally; if the payment is owing, it must be paid. When importing items from overseas, there are techniques to prevent delays and ensure that you aren't paying import fees that you aren't required to. As a global vendor, you have the choice to pay import fees on your own to save clients time and provide them more for their money.

    How can I reduce my shipping costs?

    How can I reduce my shipping costs?

    10 Tips for Lowering Shipping Costs

    Here are a few of the best strategies for lowering your typical shipping costs.

    1. Hold discussions with various carriers

    2. Shave Dimensions and Package Weighing

    3. Use the packages that your carrier provides.

    4. Search for Supplies at a Discount

    6. Select Prepaid Shipping 5. Pay for Shipping Online

    7. Make use of third-party insurance

    8. Opt for hybrid services

    9. Be accurate when billing 

    10. Choose poly mailers

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