In global commerce, the journey of products from the lush landscapes of Vietnam to the bustling markets of the United States is a tale of connectivity, cultural exchange, and economic interdependence. This narrative of 'Shipping from Vietnam to the United States' is not just about the movement of goods across oceans; it's a reflection of a world where distances shrink and borders blur, thanks to the wonders of modern logistics.

1. Who needs to shipping from Vietnam to the US

Who needs to shipping from Vietnam to the US

Shipping from Vietnam to the United States is essential for various entities and individuals, including:

  • Businesses and Manufacturers: Companies that manufacture goods in Vietnam, such as textiles, electronics, furniture, and footwear, often need to ship their products to the U.S. for sale.

  • E-commerce sellers: Online sellers, especially those using platforms such as Amazon, eBay or Etsy, may source products from Vietnam and require conversion services to fulfill orders or available in stock in the United States.

  • Vietnamese Expatriates: Vietnamese people living in the U.S. may want to import goods, personal items, or gifts from their home country.

  • Collectors and Enthusiasts: Individuals in the U.S. interested in Vietnamese goods, such as traditional crafts, artwork, or specialty products, will require shipping services.

  • Supply Chain Managers: Professionals managing supply chains for multinational corporations might need to coordinate shipping from Vietnam as part of their global logistics strategy.

  • Project Cargo Handlers: Companies handling large projects that involve the movement of heavy or oversized equipment from Vietnam to the U.S. for industries like construction, energy, or infrastructure.

  • Pharmaceutical Companies: For importing pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, or health supplements that are either manufactured or sourced from Vietnam.

Each of these entities relies on efficient and reliable shipping services to ensure their goods are transported safely and in a timely manner, adhering to both Vietnamese and U.S. customs and import/export regulations.

2. Why should you choose Worldcraft Logistics as your import-export partner from Vietnam to USA?

Shipping from VietNam to the USA

WorldCraft Logistics stands as a formidable freight forwarder in Vietnam, revered for its commitment to excellence and unparalleled service quality. 

Our Comprehensive Services:

WorldCraft Logistics offers a wide range of services designed to cater to the diverse needs of our clients, including but not limited to:

  • Sea and Air Freight: Seamlessly transport your cargo via sea or air from Vietnamese ports and airports to destinations worldwide.

  • Customs Clearance: Benefit from our in-depth understanding of Vietnamese customs regulations, with clearance services available in key cities such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh.

  • Inland Transportation: We facilitate efficient road, waterway, and railway transportation within Vietnam to ensure your cargo reaches its departure point hassle-free.

  • Consultation: Rely on our experts for guidance on essential aspects of international shipping, including HS codes, import taxes, payment methods, product import policies, and effective shipping solutions.

  • Specialized Services: Our offerings extend beyond the ordinary, encompassing quality inspections, machinery assessments, cosmetic and food supplement announcements, and assistance with import and export licenses in Vietnam.

For those seeking to export cargo from Vietnam to the United States, our team provides comprehensive support, including international freight, customs clearance, certificates of origin (C/O) documentation... With years of experience specializing in the Vietnam-to-US route and cargo commodities, we stand prepared to offer expert advice and competitive pricing to suit your needs.

Additional Resources:

To further enrich your understanding of the logistics landscape, we invite you to explore our blog, featuring informative articles on trade relations between Vietnam and the world, an overview of Vietnam's seaports, and insights into importing cargo into Vietnam. Additionally, we are readily available for consultations and quotations, ensuring that your cargo imports and exports are executed seamlessly and cost-effectively.

For consultation and quotations related to cargo import and export to and from Vietnam, please do not hesitate to contact us using the details provided below. Your logistics success story begins with WorldCraft Logistics.

3. The cost of shipping from Viet Nam to the US

The cost of shipping from Viet Nam to the US

The cost of sending a package from Vietnam to the United States depends on a number of factors, such as size, location, and shipping method (air, express, sea FCL, or sea LCL). You can use this guide to get an estimate of the costs for each shipping method from well-known ports in Vietnam to well-known ports in the US.

3.1 Ocean Freight from Viet Nam to the US

The most popular mode of transportation between Vietnam and the US is sea freight. If you are not under time pressure and the package is significant, it is advised. Sea freight costs are less than air freight because of the longer transit time.

There are two options available to you when shipping cargo by sea: FCL and LCL. It is essential to understand what these acronyms mean as a result. Larger sized commodities are typically shipped as full container loads, or FCLs. In this instance, a single sender or recipient makes use of a container's whole capacity. Conversely, LCL (Less Container Load) refers to the practice of importers and exporters sharing a single container. Put differently, LCL refers to general freight.

Ocean Freight from Viet Nam to the US

Vietnam's top loading ports:

  • One of the largest ports in Northern Vietnam is Hai Phong, which serves as a center for automobiles, electronics, and precision machinery.

  • The majority of the cargo from the Central Vietnamese port of Da Nang is sent to Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia.

  • Vietnam's economic hub, Ho Chi Minh City is also the location of the nation's biggest international airport and national colleges.

  • Vung Tau

  • Quy Nhon

Principal US seaports for freight:

Origin of:

  • Los Angeles

  • Long Beach

  • Tacoma

  • Oakland

FCL for Ocean Freight

When you fill a 20- or 40-foot container, you are carrying a full container load, or FCL. sending FCL will save you money and time if you are sending in large quantities. Regardless of whether your container is fully loaded or not, FCL pricing is done at a fixed fee.

Container shipping rates from Vietnam to the US: 40’ container


Shipping from Ho Chi Minh City (VNSGN Port)

Shipping from Haiphong (VNHPH Port)

Shipping from Danang (VNDAD Port)

Shipping to Los Angeles (USLAX Port)




Shipping to New York (USNYC Port)




Shipping to Houston (USHOU Port)




*The quotes on this table are port-to-port peak season FCL shipping average rates.

LCL Ocean Freight

If your items are less than a container load (LCL), they will be shipped alongside other boxes or pallets because they do not fill the entire container. Keep in mind that your products must be consolidated at the port of origin and deconsolidated at the port of destination when shipping LCL.

For this reason, compared to FCL, LCL shipment takes a few extra days.

Shipping Rates from Vietnam to the United States: LCL


Shipping from Ho Chi Minh City

Shipping from Haiphong

Shipping from Danang

Shipping from 1 District (Ho Chi Minh city)

Shipping to Los Angeles





Shipping to New York





Shipping to Houston





Shipping to Redlands



*These rates are door-to-door shipping averages for a load of 200 kg/1 cbm

3.2 Air Freight from Viet Nam to the US

Air Freight from Viet Nam to the US

Air shipment is undoubtedly the quickest method of delivery, but it is also the most costly. When the shipment weighs no more than 200 kg and less than 2 CBM, it is advised. It is advised to mail food, medications, flowers, and valuables by air.

You have two choices for air freight: express and economical. For lightweight, non-temperature-controlled, and non-dangerous objects, the economical option is appropriate. Port-to-port shipping takes 3–8 business days, whereas door–to–door delivery takes 8–16 days.

Shipping any cargo in a short amount of time is made possible via express, or speedy delivery. As a result, the shipping takes roughly three business days to arrive. Additionally, the freight prices are greater.

Major airports in Vietnam for cargo:

  • Airport International Tan Son Nhat (SGN)

  • Airport International Noi Bai (HAN)

Major US cargo airports:

  • Airport International in Memphis (MEM)

  • Airport International in Louisville (SDF)

  • Airport Miami International (MIA)

  • Airport International in Los Angeles (LAX)


Shipping from Ho Chi Minh City

Shipping from Haiphong

Shipping from Danang

Shipping from 1 District (Ho Chi Minh city)

Shipping to Los Angeles





Shipping to New York





Shipping to Houston





Shipping to Southampton




*These rates are door-to-door shipping averages for a load of 200 kg/1 cbm

The cost per kilogram of air freight shipment from Vietnam to the US

The method you select will depend on the size, weight, and urgency of your package as well as how soon you need it to reach its destination. Shipping by air is typically faster but more expensive than shipping by sea.

The greater the weight of your shipment, the less expensive it is per kilogram when shipping by air:

When you’re shipping air, the price per kg decreases the larger your shipment’s weight:

Chargeable weight

10 kg

100 kg

300 kg

Price per kg





4. Express air freight between the US and Vietnam popular

Express air freight between the US and Vietnam popular

4.1 Express is the best option for modest packages

Express is not recommended for significant volumes since it will be very costly. However, in cases where your package weighs 30 kg or less, it can be a viable option. Reminding people that it is the fastest freight option ever is also beneficial. Of course, if you need it, we can arrange for expedited freight transfer for shipments of any size.

4.2 How much does express shipping cost from Vietnam to the US?

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*An alternative method to gross and volumetric weight is used to quote your express shipping. You must take into account that 1 CBM = 200 kgs when shipping express.  

We are considering each request on an individual basis, so we are unable to provide a pricing list for this option. When we receive sufficient information regarding your request, we will provide you a complete price. We are able to provide them low prices for their services because of the volume of business we bring them. If you ask them directly, your pricing won't be comparable.

5. Transit time for shipping from Vietnam to the US

Transit time for shipping from Vietnam to the US

5.1 Transit times for freight from Vietnam to the US by air, sea, and express

How much time will it take to send goods from Vietnam to the US? Season, destination, and package size will all affect how long it takes for your shipment to arrive. For an estimate of the time required for each shipping method from Vietnam to the United States, use the table below.


Port to Port

Door to Door

Sea Freight (FCL)

24-29 days

37-41 days

Sea Freight (LCL)

18-38 days

28-33 days

Air Freight

3-8 days

8-16 days



1-4 days

* Express freight is always door to door

5.2 Customs clearance of Vietnamese goods

 You must ascertain the Vietnamese items' HS code before to importing them. Using the official website, you can determine which code is compatible with your product.

The Generalized System of Preference (GSP), a program of the United States, lowers or eliminates customs duties on goods manufactured in developing nations. Certain items from Vietnam are subject to the policy. Since the Certificate of Origin is the only record that demonstrates a product was created in Vietnam, you must present it for all products in order to receive its benefits.

In order to clear customs without any issues, you will also want the original invoice, the packing list, and the Bill of Lading, which is also known as an Air Waybill depending on whether you are shipping by air or sea.

6. FAQ: Rates | Transit Times | Duties & Taxes  of Freight Vietnam-USA
6.1 In Vietnam, do I have to pay customs taxes?

If you export items from the United States of America to Vietnam, you or the importer in Vietnam may be required to pay export taxes. However, unless you are exporting sensitive items out of Vietnam, there are no export taxes to pay in Vietnam.

6.2 Should I get insurance for my items' international shipping from Vietnam?

It's not necessary to sign an insurance contract. However, it is advisable because the carrier cannot be held accountable for any losses or damages to your goods while they are being transferred. For more information, see the post we wrote specifically about shipping insurance.

6.3 Which means of payment are advised for paying my Vietnamese supplier?

It is advised that you pay your provider using cryptocurrency, a letter of credit, Alibaba Trade Assurance, Paypal, or a telegraphic transfer. Should he inquire about an alternative mode of payment, you may question his level of expertise and professionalism. The mentioned payment option is the most secure of all.
Which necessary paperwork must be completed in order to ship goods from Vietnam to the United States?

The shipping procedure can be accelerated, and unwelcome delays during the US customs clearance process can be avoided by having the necessary paperwork completed and available. 

6.4 The following paperwork is required for shipments from Vietnam to the USA

An origin certificate

A bill of commerce

A list for packing 

An air freight airline bill or a bill of lading for ocean freight

A credit letter or other stipulations for payment 

The HS (harmonized system) code of your cargo, which aids in identifying and categorizing imports and exports, must also be ascertained.