Tech News: The Microsoft Edge web browser has an artificial intelligence "copilot" built in.

(Picure's Source: Microsoft executive Yusuf Mehdi unveils the new AI-powered Bing and Edge experiences. (GeekWire Photo / Todd Bishop)

Microsoft is planning to use AI to the web in ways beyond just making Bing inquiries smarter. The "AI-powered copilot" function will be included in the next edition of Microsoft Edge and will aid users in performing common tasks. The new Bing might be included to help you find specific information in a document, make comparisons between two documents, or even assist you produce posts (for networks like LinkedIn) in a certain structure, length, or tone.

The revamped user interface revolves on an all-new sidebar. You may use the chat feature to ask questions as you would on Bing, and the create button will walk you through the steps of making your own content based on feedback. We're also changing how we look.

Bing and the new Edge are built on top of Prometheus, a new AI model created in collaboration with OpenAI. The popular conversational AI ChatGPT served as an inspiration, and this new system promises to be both more powerful and search-oriented. Microsoft also claims that its platform is protected against abuse and bugs by a number of measures.
The redesigned Edge may be previewed right now. The new browser is a crucial aspect of Microsoft's plan, even though Bing has received more attention than the rest of the company's artificial intelligence (AI) announcements. Edge's AI enhancements should make it more capable than competing browsers like Chrome and Safari. Lead times are impossible to predict. It's possible that Google's strategy to compete with ChatGPT will be unveiled during a presentation on February 8th, and that it would use artificial intelligence-driven search.

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