Starting June 1st, 2023 Our warehouse fee will be $0.65/cubic foot per month

In effort to lower the warehouse storage fee during inflation, we have went narrow aisle racking.This construction took us four months but the project is finally completed. With narrow aisle racking, we are able to drop storage by 24%.We as partners will go through this inflation together.

Starting June 1st, 2023 Our warehouse fee will be $0.65/cubic foot per month

In effort to lower the warehouse storage fee during inflation, we have went narrow aisle racking.This construction took us four months but the project is finally completed. With narrow aisle racking, we are able to drop storage by 24%.We as partners will go through this inflation together.




TOP 10 largest 3PL companies with good service in the US

    In a fast-paced, increasingly digital world, businesses require robust and efficient logistic services to thrive. From small Shopify shops to global e-commerce empires like Amazon, Ebay,... The right 3PL fulfillment company can revolutionize your operations, driving sales and elevating customer satisfaction. But, in a sea of options, how can you find the right solution for your business? Which 3pl companies meet your needs? Never fear! Worldcraft Logistics can help. 

    Top 10 3PL Companies

    1. What Is a 3PL Company?

    A 3PL (third-party logistics) company serves as an external service provider that delivers extensive logistics solutions to businesses. They excel in the management and optimization of supply chain operations, encompassing transportation, warehousing, inventory control, order fulfillment, and distribution. When companies delegate these logistical responsibilities to a 3PL firm, they can prioritize their core strengths, all the while capitalizing on the 3PL provider's proficiency, resources, and operational efficiency.

    Gain a precise understanding of the term "3PL" within the supply chain, thereby facilitating a seamless implementation process for businesses.

    2. Top 10 Best 3PL Fulfillment Companies

    Are you in search of information about the top Third-party Logistics companies in the USA? Look no further! Below is a curated list of the best Third-party Logistics providers in the USA to cater to your specific requirements. Given the USA's prominence in the 3PL industry, Worldcraft Logistics is here to simplify your search. Each of these top 3PL providers in the USA has undergone in-depth analysis and research. Feel free to choose the most suitable company from the list named "top 10 3PL companies" below to meet your business needs.

    2.1 Red Stag Fulfillment (RSF)

    Red Stag Fulfillment (RSF)

    Ensure a seamless shipping experience for your customers and maintain a stellar online reputation with they dependable order fulfillment services, backed by a 100% order accuracy guarantee. At ShipNetwork, making sure your customers receive precise orders and fast deliveries is a breeze. When you opt for they eCommerce order fulfillment services, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

     ✔️ A 100% Order Accuracy Guarantee

     ✔️Swift Order Turnaround within the Next Business Day

     ✔️1-2 Day Ground Shipping via they Efficient 2-Day Delivery Network

    In addition to these services, we offer a range of 3PL solutions, including eCommerce Returns Management, 3PL Kitting Services, Subscription Box Fulfillment, and various other 3PL Services.

    They nationwide transportation network is meticulously designed to optimize your primary cost, which can account for up to 80% of the average monthly 3PL fee. ShipNetwork is committed to providing your customers with the shipping experience they deserve while positively impacting your bottom line. Furthermore, as your business grows, take advantage of quantity discounts to boost your profits.

    2.2 EasyPost

    At EasyPost, they primary focus is on they core Shipping API product. they versatile solution is designed to cater to various business needs, including those of 3rd and 4th party logistics platforms (3PLs and 4PLs). If you're seeking a fulfillment partner who can handle tasks such as receiving, warehousing, pick-packing, and shipping your inventory, we can connect you with the ideal provider from they diverse fulfillment network.


    Here's what EasyPost offers:

     ✔️Finding the Perfect Fit: We tailor they recommendations to your specific shipping requirements, ensuring we match you with the best-suited 3PLs and 4PLs for your business.

     ✔️Boost Business Growth: By outsourcing your shipping logistics, you can dedicate more time to expanding your e-commerce business and less time on order processing. This shift not only saves you overhead costs and maintenance fees but also valuable time.

     ✔️Trusted Technology: We're fundamentally a technology company, and we leverage cutting-edge data science and they proprietary API technology to empower they fulfillment partners.

    Whether you're in search of fulfillment services for a small business, e-commerce fulfillment, or have other 3PL fulfillment needs, EasyPost's partners are here to assist you in finding the perfect solution to manage your inventory and streamline your order processing. Let EasyPost's dedicated team of 3PL experts help you discover a new home for your inventory

    2.3 Flexport

    Flexport's platform simplifies global trade by connecting all stakeholders in the supply chain, setting a new standard for global trade efficiency. At Flexport, they tackle the complexities of ensuring your inventory complies with downstream fulfillment requirements, allowing you to focus on your core business operations. With their new Prep services, you can customize your inventory to meet the specific demands of various sales channels. Our expertise ensures that whatever preparations your inventory requires, we can handle them, enabling you to sell anywhere, regardless of the destination.


    Their Prep services offer unique value-added features not commonly found among other prep providers, including:

    • Cleaning products that may have arrived dirty from your manufacturer.
    • Folding merchandise to optimize fulfillment costs.
    • Transforming multi-packs of one SKU into variety packs with multiple SKUs.
    • Preparing inventory for three different fulfillment providers.

    And more - they will collaborate with you to meet your specific needs.

    Additionally, you'll benefit from compliance expertise and the convenience of various options, such as SKU labeling, a wide range of prep services (packing, bagging, floor containers, etc.), and kitting services downstream of your distributor. Even if your prep requirements are intricate, Flexport's offer predictable, transparent pricing for a service that often lacks clarity and consistency.

    2.4 Worldcraft Logistics (WCL)

    To thrive in today's ever-evolving business landscape, companies require a strategic partner capable of seamlessly navigating the intricacies of modern logistics. Look no further than Worldcraft Logistics – your gateway to a realm of innovative and dependable 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) services.

    At Worldcraft Logistics, we transcend the role of a mere logistics provider, we emerge as your strategic ally in the quest to optimize your supply chain operations. Worldcraft Logistics LLC unwavering dedication to excellence and an in-depth comprehension of the logistics landscape have firmly established us as a dominant force within the industry.

    Worldcraft Logistics Comprehensive 3PL Solutions

    WCL extensive array of 3PL solutions is meticulously crafted to empower your business. This empowerment allows you to concentrate on your core competencies while we handle the intricate details of your logistics. Here's a glimpse of the breadth of services we offer:

     ✔️Efficient Transportation: Seamlessly transport your products from point A to point B with Worldcraft Logistics transportation solutions, guaranteeing punctual deliveries and cost-efficient routes.

     ✔️Warehousing Excellence: Benefit from WCL state-of-the-art warehousing facilities, where we optimize storage, conduct precise inventory management, and execute order fulfillment with exacting precision.

     ✔️Inventory Management: Gain real-time visibility and exert control over your inventory, resulting in reduced carrying costs and the assurance of product availability when and where it's needed.

     ✔️Order Fulfillment: Entrust us with your order processing and fulfillment needs, relying on WCL expertise to meet customer expectations – from meticulous picking and packing to prompt and reliable shipping.

     ✔️Distribution Expertise: Streamline your distribution network, achieving efficient and cost-effective access to your target markets.

     ✔️Customized Solutions: Worldcraft Logistics flexible approach enables us to tailor WCL services to your unique requirements, ensuring seamless alignment of your logistics strategy with your overarching business objectives.

    Experience Excellence with Worldcraft Logistics:

    Backed by years of industry experience, Worldcraft Logistics boasts an exemplary track record of delivering results that consistently surpass expectations. We optimize your logistics processes, enhancing efficiency and accuracy, all while reducing operational costs. This reduction in overhead costs enables you to allocate resources with greater strategic precision, thus amplifying your business's potential for growth and success. CONTACT NOW 👈

    2.5 White Box

    White Box

    Whitebox stands out as a distinctive third-party logistics (3PL) company, specializing in offering comprehensive marketplace management solutions to small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Its operations encompass both order fulfillment services and a dedicated marketing agency, which are typically utilized in conjunction by Whitebox clients.

    In our assessment of the top order fulfillment companies catering to small businesses, Whitebox achieved a commendable rating of 3.82 out of 5. Its all-encompassing services enable businesses to delegate multiple facets of their operations to seasoned professionals. Whitebox offers a suite of services that cover the entire spectrum of the ecommerce sales process, spanning from the creation of listings and order fulfillment to post-sales support. This innovative and hassle-free approach is particularly tailored for sellers seeking to outsource a significant portion of their operations.

    Whitebox primarily concentrates its efforts on the Amazon marketplace. Clients can leverage its highly regarded Amazon seller account in conjunction with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to enhance their visibility to the maximum extent. However, Whitebox is also equipped to handle multichannel orders and support non-Amazon stores.

    If your objective is solely to outsource fulfillment and shipping while retaining control over sales and listings management in-house, there are alternative providers that offer more cost-effective and specialized solutions compared to Whitebox. Additionally, Whitebox may not be the ideal choice for businesses dealing with heavy, oversized, or fragile products, as it cannot accommodate perishable or temperature-sensitive goods. Startups and low-volume businesses may also need to explore alternatives due to Whitebox's minimum requirement of 1,000 orders per month.

    2.6 Lineage Logistics

    Lineage Logistics

    Lineage Logistics stands at the forefront of innovation in temperature-controlled supply chain and logistics. With expertise in end-to-end solutions, a vast real estate network, and technology-driven practices, Lineage prioritizes food safety, enhances distribution efficiency, promotes sustainability, reduces environmental impact, and minimizes supply chain waste. Serving Fortune 500 companies to small family-owned businesses, Lineage is dedicated to elevating the efficiency and integrity of temperature-controlled supply chains. 

    Recognized as the No. 1 Data Science company on Fast Company’s list of The World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2019 and ranking 23rd overall globally, Lineage's commitment is evident. Their temperature-controlled warehouses and global integrated solutions provide a comprehensive approach to managing products across the food supply chain, offering streamlined services from storage and consolidation to brokerage and drayage. Accessing the world's premier cold storage facilities and leveraging strategic, technology-driven transportation solutions, Lineage connects businesses to major markets, ports, and transportation hubs worldwide.

    2.7 Omni Logistics

    Are you in search of a 3PL services partner capable of tailoring a supply chain program perfectly suited to your specific needs? Look no further – we're prepared to assist you. Omni is your solution, whether you require freight forwarding, specialized warehousing, or comprehensive third-party logistics services that ensure your objectives are met. Discover how our 3PL services can empower your company to achieve success.

    Omni Logistics

    If you're seeking U.S. 3PL services with a keen attention to detail, you've come to the right place. Our extensive presence in the United States and Central America equips our clients with access to a vast network of carefully selected team partners who are dedicated to crafting meticulously planned solutions encompassing transportation, warehousing, distribution, value-added services, and more.

    As a U.S. 3PL provider, Omni Logistics is always at your service. With nearly four decades of experience in logistics innovation, precision, and adaptability, we bring a wealth of expertise to the table. Our 3PL services cater to various industries, including high tech, medical devices, retail, and more. Our client portfolio spans from startups to multinational corporations. If you're in search of a U.S. Third-Party Logistics provider armed with robust resources, innovative problem-solving capabilities, and unwavering availability 24/7/365, your search ends here.

    2.8 FedEx Fulfillment

    FedEx Fulfillment

    FedEx Fulfillment has recently adjusted its minimum order requirements to 200 orders per day, equivalent to 6,000 orders per month. This change has moved it out of the category of our top-recommended fulfillment providers for small businesses. Additionally, we have encountered challenges in obtaining reliable information regarding FedEx Fulfillment's current pricing, features, and customer support structure.

     ✔️Supported Business Types: FedEx Fulfillment serves a range of business types, including SMBs, startups, ecommerce stores, retail stores, DTC sellers, B2B sellers, and subscription box services.

     ✔️Standout Features: Some of the notable features offered by FedEx Fulfillment include nationwide two-day delivery, discounted domestic and international shipping options, and the capability to provide deliveries seven days a week. They also offer a free, web-based fulfillment software that encompasses inventory management, order management, billing, and reporting/analytics features, along with advanced order tracking capabilities.

     ✔️Pricing: The pricing structure for FedEx Fulfillment is as follows:

     ✔️Receiving: $0 if shipments meet standard requirements; $35–$40 per hour if not met.

     ✔️Storage: Monthly fees range from $8 to $15 per pallet.

     ✔️Pick & Pack: Priced at 40 cents per unit, which includes standard packing materials.

     ✔️Shipping: Discounted shipping rates are available.

    It's important to note that FedEx Fulfillment is not eligible for Seller-fulfilled Prime (SFP) on Amazon, making it less suitable for Amazon sellers. Additionally, it lacks special handling capabilities, FDA certifications, and specific programs for crowdfunding fulfillment.

    Given the recent changes in minimum order requirements and the limited information available, businesses should carefully assess whether FedEx Fulfillment aligns with their specific needs and fulfillment goals before making a decision.

    2.9 Shipwire

    Shipwire is a machine-learning-powered platform that optimizes fulfillment across all levels and provides full visibility into a global 3PL network. Unlock the world through a single platform. Shipwire provides powerful technology to grow and scale your business. View sales channels, global fulfillment locations, inventory levels, order statuses, and more in a single dashboard.