Starting June 1st, 2023 Our warehouse fee will be $0.65/cubic foot per month

In effort to lower the warehouse storage fee during inflation, we have went narrow aisle racking.This construction took us four months but the project is finally completed. With narrow aisle racking, we are able to drop storage by 24%.We as partners will go through this inflation together.

Starting June 1st, 2023 Our warehouse fee will be $0.65/cubic foot per month

In effort to lower the warehouse storage fee during inflation, we have went narrow aisle racking.This construction took us four months but the project is finally completed. With narrow aisle racking, we are able to drop storage by 24%.We as partners will go through this inflation together.




What is a delivery exceptions? Market analysis & solutions

    Ever encountered this scenario? Anticipating a package eagerly, you decide to track its whereabouts, only to discover that a delivery attempt was made precisely when you weren't at home. The package hasn't even reached your state, contrary to your expectation of its arrival yesterday, or worse, it couldn't be delivered at all. The frustrations compound, and this experience is commonly known as a "delivery exception" a phenomenon likely familiar to you, whether you recognize it or not. Let's delve into the realm of delivery exceptions and their impact on the landscape of ecommerce shipping.

    What is a delivery exceptions

    What is a delivery exception? 

    A delivery exception or shipping exception occurs when a package encounters an unexpected obstacle during transit, leading to a temporary delay in reaching its intended destination. Commonly referred to as a shipping exception, these incidents can stem from a diverse range of causes, often catching parties involved off guard. These disruptions, varying from entirely unforeseen to occasionally preventable circumstances, do not automatically translate to a late delivery. Instead, they indicate an unanticipated impediment - sometimes quite literal - that had an unplanned impact on the delivery process, necessitating attention at some stage along the journey.

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    Market analysis of shipment exceptions

    Market analysis of shipment exceptions

    In a recent study, experts revealed that 62% of online shoppers have difficulty with delivery exceptions. When faced with such situations, an overwhelming 78% of consumers expect the retailer to fix the problem, even if the delivery failure stems from carrier error. A staggering 1 in 20 online orders never reach their intended destination, further complicating an already complex web of delivery challenges. According to a previous review from Convey, 11% of shipments encountered shipping exceptions, a number that underscores the importance of this issue.

    In a society where online shoppers demand fast and reliable service, the prevalence of delivery exceptions becomes especially pronounced. While carriers make every effort to adhere to general and estimated delivery dates, certain circumstances beyond anyone's control may prevent timely delivery. Such events are an inevitable part of life.

    However, proactive measures to predict these events and effectively communicate with customers during such incidents can significantly influence whether customers choose to re-engage with a business. Whether you're on the retailer or consumer side and discover that your package is marked with an exception and the delivery date is compromised, fortunately there are strategies to minimize recurrence. occurrence of such problems.

    Impact of Delivery Exceptions on Your Business

    Impact of Delivery Exceptions on Your Business

    In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, the ramifications of "What is a delivery exception?" In spite of loom large, casting a shadow over operational efficiency. E-commerce enterprises, seasoned in the trials of the trade, grapple with the disruptive effects of these exceptions, necessitating meticulous preparedness and the implementation of robust systems for resolution.

    Erosion of Customer Satisfaction

    The issuance of tracking numbers by carriers and e-commerce entities stands as a testament to their commitment to transparency in parcel logistics. However, the journey from warehouse to destination is fraught with uncertainties, often escaping documentation. This lack of visibility leads to potential delays or, worse, non-delivery, leaving customers disgruntled despite the reassurances of state-of-the-art tracking systems.

    Escalation of Churn Rate

    While delivery exceptions are typically inadvertent and occasionally beyond control, they remain a source of vexation for customers, demanding delicate handling. A subpar delivery experience may drive customers away, irrespective of culpability lying with the carrier or external forces like unpredictable weather deemed "acts of God."

    Tarnished Brand Reputation

    Tarnished Brand Reputation

    Despite e-commerce brands bearing little responsibility for many instances of delivery exceptions, aggrieved consumers may still hold them accountable. Whether due to their own mistakes, such as providing an invalid or undeliverable address, customers might vent frustration on the brand, impacting its reputation.

    Revenue Decline

    The financial toll of delivery exceptions, akin to shipping errors and returns, proves substantial. Costs extend beyond mere re-shipment, encompassing potential inventory losses and expenses related to packaging and labeling, contributing to a significant decrease in revenue.

    Resource Drain

    Beyond the tangible monetary losses, delivery exceptions deplete other valuable resources. Marketing dollars and unrecoverable customer lifetime value (CLTV) face jeopardy when a customer, lost to a delivery exception, slips through the proverbial cracks.

    Proliferation of WISMO Inquiries

    The surge in "where is my order?" (WISMO) support inquiries further compounds the impact of delivery exceptions. These queries inundate customer support teams, diverting precious hours toward addressing concerns related to delivery status, and contributing to operational inefficiencies.

    8 Delivery Hiccups Unveiled: Unraveling the Common Culprits

    8 Delivery Hiccups Unveiled

    In the vast realm of online shopping, timely package deliveries are the norm, but the specter of what is a delivery exception mean. Dive into the common triggers behind these deviations from the expected delivery schedule.

    1. Customs Quandaries

    Embarking on the global shipping journey brings its share of hurdles. Customs delays often extend the wait time, disrupting anticipated delivery dates. Safeguard against this by ensuring precise tariff codes at the SKU level, facilitating a smoother shipping process.

    2. National Holidays

    The arrival of a national holiday, whether in the origin or destination country, can throw a wrench into delivery timelines. Federal holidays halt shipping carrier operations, creating delays that linger as carriers strive to catch up after a day off.

    3. Weather Woes

    Nature's fury, be it a hurricane, tornado, wildfire, or flood, can render delivery routes impassable, causing unavoidable delays - aptly termed "acts of God." Employing multiple fulfillment centers may offer a workaround, allowing shipments from alternate locations outside the affected path.

    4. Label Lament

    A damaged or missing shipping label spells trouble for timely deliveries. Illegible or unscannable details trigger exception codes. An incorrect address on the label, whether undeliverable or unrecognized by carriers, can trap the package in a delivery exception loop.

    5. Homebound Hitch

    Signatures required upon delivery can become a stumbling block if no one is home to receive the package. Employing delivery management tools, such as UPS My Choice® or FedEx Delivery Manager®, empowers customers to dictate the terms of their delivery to align with their schedules.

    6. Documentation Dilemmas

    Delivery exceptions often stem from inaccurate package information once in the hands of carriers. From faulty addresses to missing or incorrect customs data, meticulous documentation is the key to sidestepping this preventable hurdle.

    7. Security or Regulatory Roadblocks

    Threats to carriers or border issues for international packages introduce security and regulatory delays. While temporary, these holdups result in delivery exception, adding an extra layer of complexity to the shipping process.

    8. Animal Anomalies

    In a rare twist, animal interference emerges as a potential cause of delivery exceptions. Whether it's a curious dog in an urban setting or a bovine encounter in rural landscapes, animals meddling with packages or posing a threat to delivery drivers can disrupt the seamless flow of deliveries.

    3 Possible Outcomes of a Delivery Exception

    3 Possible Outcomes of a Delivery Exception

    In the event that any of the aforementioned scenarios unfold, circumventing delays remains a plausible outcome, particularly if the delivery timeframe remains open. Here's a breakdown of potential developments:

    1. Timely Delivery Despite Exception

    Occasionally, a delivery exception mean as an early notification that your package might encounter delays due to various factors, such as adverse weather conditions. Nevertheless, the package manages to arrive punctually despite the anticipated setback.

    2. Delayed Delivery

    Typically, delivery exception delays are of a brief nature. In many cases, these exceptions result in the package being delivered the following day. For instance, if the initial delivery attempt fails due to the absence of the recipient, the carrier will make another attempt promptly.

    3. Package Return

    In instances where the carrier faces obstacles in delivering the package, such as an inaccurate address or label damage, the package might be obligated to return to the sender.

    How WorldCraft Logistics Navigates Delivery Hurdles

    WorldCraft Logistics, a prominent third-party logistics (3PL) entity, specializes in delivering comprehensive order fulfillment solutions to e-commerce vendors. From warehousing inventory to meticulously picking, packing, and dispatching orders, our cutting-edge technology equips you with various strategies to proactively manage and efficiently address delivery exceptions.

    How WorldCraft Logistics Navigates Delivery Hurdles

    Mitigating Delivery Challenges

    Addressing customer errors in providing accurate delivery details is a common challenge. WCL's cutting-edge software empowers customers to modify orders post-purchase, provided they intervene before the commencement of the retail fulfillment process.

    Users gain the flexibility to revise recipient details, alter order items and quantities, modify shipping options, include insurance, and even manually generate new orders.

    Swift Action on Delivery Complications

    In the dynamic realm of shipping, instances of damages and losses are inevitable. At WorldCraft Logistics, we take charge of claims processing for our clients without any additional charges. The seamless submission of claims for lost or damaged packages can be efficiently executed through WCL.

    Irrespective of the chosen carrier, every shipment dispatched through WCL is automatically covered up to $100. WCL ensures immediate refunds for these shipments. Users can initiate a reshipment within the system, re-dispatching the item to the recipient by duplicating and modifying the order as needed.


    Mitigating some delivery hiccups is feasible, while others remain inevitable. Cultivating strong partnerships becomes paramount in alleviating customer dissatisfaction and swiftly addressing time-sensitive order challenges. For comprehensive assistance in the realm of ecommerce fulfillment, explore the services offered by WorldCraft Logistics. Feel free to request a pricing quote below.

    Delivery Exception: FAQs

    Unveiling insights into frequently posed queries surrounding shipping delivery exceptions.

    What should I do if my package encounters a delivery exception?

    Begin by scrutinizing your tracking number and promptly reaching out to the carrier for additional information. Depending on the details provided by the carrier, take necessary steps such as notifying the customer, initiating a refund, or adjusting the delivery date.

    How can I rectify a FedEx delivery exception?

    Initiate contact with FedEx and convey the details you've obtained. They can provide valuable insights into the reasons behind the delivery exception and suggest appropriate actions. Oftentimes, the package proceeds to its destination as scheduled without undue delays.

    Why is my package experiencing a delivery exception?

    Various factors contribute to delivery exceptions, encompassing carrier-related issues, weather-related disruptions, holidays, or inaccuracies in the provided address. In the event of a delivery exception, your initial course of action should involve communicating with both the carrier and the customer.

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